Microsoft Xbox numbers UK
Microsoft Xbox numbers UK
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Microsoft Xbox Phone Numbers

Getting in contact with the Microsoft Xbox agents through the call is the most convenient and the easiest way to get your queries resolved. But at the same time, no one likes to go through the endless wait; it takes to get connected to the relevant department. Whether you need help with Microsoft Xbox repairs or other Xbox issues, we will help to cut short the wait by providing you with the direct numbers. If you’re a current user of Microsoft Xbox or if you’re planning to be one; this post will provide you with all the relevant Microsoft Xbox numbers and company’s local addresses for related customer service requirements.

Microsoft Xbox Customer Service Numbers


Microsoft XBOX phone numbers
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Microsoft first thought of developing its gaming console in 1998. After creating the console, the company initially thought of calling it DirectX Box, which it would later shorten to Xbox. At first, the company wanted to build a gaming system that resembled a PC. The console has grown popular around the world. The gaming console is only behind PlayStation in sales.

Microsoft Xbox is a worldwide famous gaming brand, owned by the Microsoft Corporation. It has been founded in the year 2001, and its headquarters are located in Washington, USA. Microsoft Xbox includes a wide array of video game consoles and video games, streaming services and the online shops. The consoles have reached a 24 million of sales in May 2006 and have continued to plummet ever since. The first Xbox ever to be made was released in the year 2001, in North America. The popularity of device was large enough to cause this device to be produced in Japan, Australia, and Europe as the years came. The Xbox gaming community is known to be one of the largest ones in regards to gaming platforms, and the main reason behind that is because of the popularity boost caused by the ability of users to play games together, online.

Microsoft Xbox numbers

Microsoft Xbox Phone Numbers

Microsoft Xbox Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0871 434 4922 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0800 587 1102 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone.

Xbox 360 Services

Are you in search of an Xbox 360 repair service as you experience that the Xbox 360 has a three red blinking lights problem as well as your games will not boot? Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is an amazing piece of equipment; there is no question about that. There have been many criticisms since its release. With the development of all of the next generation games consoles and as we move into new technology, it is without a doubt that these games consoles run into more difficulties. The Xbox 360 console is very small and has all the gear of a top quality gaming Personal Computer put in a small space.

Microsoft Xbox Support Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9152 or call their freephone TelePhone number 08005871102 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. Microsoft Xbox provides gamers with a chance to experience the next generation of games. It offers amazing entertainment to gamers. Over the years, Microsoft has kept upgrading Xbox to improve user experience and add new features as well as games. The gaming console is the brainchild of Microsoft, which has always sought to provide PlayStation with a worthy rival.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox provides gamers with a chance to improve and sharpen their gaming skills. The console features new games that provide gamers with new challenges in case they managed to overcome the past ones. The console is also a favourite of people who do not consider themselves professional gamers, but only want to use it to pass the time.

When this happens, you will be thinking about Xbox 360 red light repair. There are basic repair steps you may easily take, the first of which will be to turn off your Xbox 360 games console and disconnect the power source cable. Unplug the supply from your wall outlet first, and after that remove the other end of the wire from your console. Wait a few seconds and after that replace the plug into your games console and lastly once more into the wall socket.

First, ensure that most of the essential ventilation openings in the power source are free to do their ventilating thing. Make certain you have not placed the unit on a bed or couch as this could block the ventilation openings which are indispensable for the proper running of your console.

In case your console may still not turn back on, you will need to refer to the troubleshooting steps that you could find in the Microsoft knowledge base article. To avoid this problem from happening in the first place and being forced to proceed with Xbox 360 red light repair, maintain the following in mind.

Microsoft Xbox Technical Support

If you need technical support for problems that you experience with the Microsoft Xbox, simply dial 1-800-852-3543 for the chance to speak with customer service. In addition to the phone calls, you may also send an email explaining the nature of the problem that you want customer service to solve and ensure that the Xbox functions properly once more.

One of the quickest ways of contacting customer service and asking Microsoft for assistance with the gaming console is by opening and signing in to your account. Call or email for help with product activation. Call the same customer service number for more information on the product.

Microsoft Xbox Contact Numbers List

Gamers know how frustrating it is to find the correct contact numbers at the time of need.

Tips to remember before contacting the Microsoft Xbox Contact Numbers:

  1. The customer service number that you should call for help with your Microsoft Xbox operates only between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Therefore, you should only call during these hours.  Check call charges with your service provider.
  2. Before calling, be ready with your product’s Serial Number, which the company representative will require as proof of ownership.
  3. Calls made to the (0800) Microsoft Xbox contact number are free of cost. Calls made to the (02) and (03) Microsoft Xbox UK numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute, with the addition to the charges applied by telephone service provider. In case, if you’re calling from outside the UK, you will have to pay according to the international charges applied by the local tariffs.

Contact Microsoft Xbox UK

Microsoft Xbox UK numbers

To provide you with a superlative customer service, Microsoft Xbox offers you many communication channels along with the call to contact their company representatives. You can get in touch with their representatives through call, email, post and even social media. Mentioned below are the complete information on the contact details, which you can use to get your queries resolved.

You can use the Microsoft customer services numbers to get in touch with the Microsoft Xbox customer service agents.

Visit the contact us page on their official website. The official website will give you the more proper and complete details of each service.

Alternatively, you can send a handwritten letter to their postal address, which addresses your queries in a highly-detailed and a precise manner.

Microsoft Xbox Head Brand Address:

Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park


While writing the letter, mention the contact information with full details, so that Microsoft Xbox can contact you with ease.

If none of the above communication channels provides you with a satisfactory response; you can use the social media channels for your inquiries.

Microsoft Xbox numbers
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These are the social media channels, which you can use to get your queries resolved:

  1. Twitter
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook

Microsoft Xbox social media handles provide you with a great source of entertainment via uploading various photos, videos, and forums. You can also use their Facebook or Twitter handle to post and message your grievances.

Complaints and Feedbacks

Every customer is valuable to Microsoft Xbox. Let their customer service representatives know if you’re satisfied or unsatisfied with their services. Dial these Microsoft Xbox support numbers, 08000188354, 03448002400 or 08000260330 to raise a complaint, to make General Enquiries, and to provide feedback regarding their services.

In case if you are not satisfied by the response you receive on call, you can also visit or send a handwritten letter to this address:

Thames Valley Park

Ways to make the complaints:

  1. Give a call on the Microsoft XBOX customer service numbers.
  2. Use their social media platforms to raise a complaint.
  3. Send a handwritten letter to their head office, which states your queries.


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    Wait a few seconds and after that replace the plug into your games console and lastly once more into the wall socket.

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    The trapped heat then begins to fraternize with the motherboard as well as the numerous vital components of the Xbox. What then happens is the heat ends up destroying these components and for that reason, the console begins having issues. Xbox 360 repairs are two types, you could send the games console to the manufacturer or you may do the repairs yourself. Sending your games console to Microsoft would only assist you if your console continues to be under warranty since they’d charge you about $140 if you’re no longer under warranty. It also requires them an area of five weeks to fix the games console and send it to you.

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