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Tesco Clubcard Helpline Number
0844 306 9102

Now you can easily contact the support services of Tesco Clubcard by calling the official Tesco Clubcard Customer Service number on 0844 306 9159 or call their free phone Phone 0800 591 688 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. You earn points when you regularly spend 1 euro on every top up to make or in every monthly payment you make. There are several ways you can spend your points. If you chose to pay as you go, customer, one would still earn 1 € for every top up you have. You can top up through their toll-free number 4444. A helpline is a free number if only you are using their Tesco Card Club Helpline. You can apply for pay as you go offer at Tesco stores or online.

About Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service

If you wish to get these points, you need first to register your club card with your Tesco cell phone. If you are using a Tesco mobile phone, you can call the 282 toll-free number for your queries. Please remember you are not awarded any point if you have done your top up with cash machines or e-top ups in stores that have no Tesco partnership. You can also choose to contact Tesco club card helpline when you have questions about pay monthly bill. The company’s primary motive is to provide the best in class services for the sake of their valuable clients. Tesco offers Tesco Clubcard in the interests of their valuable customers so that they can get the best shopping experience.

You can easily get reward points on your purchases that you can easily redeem on your next shopping with Tesco. You can also collect the rewards points each time you shop at the company’s online store. Or further details, feel free to reach the support team by calling the Tesco Clubcard contact number i.e. 0870 062 6759 and get proper assistance. Also, you can have a chat session with the service representatives by visiting the main website of the company. The company has a dedicated team of experienced professionals that are always available to serve you the best. You just need to get in touch with the service team to resolve any issues that you are facing with the services of Tesco Clubcard.

About Tesco Clubcard Customer Services

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service

The company is also known for their best in class customer care services that are hard to match. You can get proper assistance if you are facing some issues with the services of Tesco. You just need to get in touch with the service team by calling the Tesco Clubcard Customer Service number on 0871 872 7174 and get proper assistance. Apart from this, you can visit the main website of the company to get appropriate assistance regarding the services and products. You can choose from a wide range of goods from the online store of Tesco.  The company offers different payment and delivery options for the sake of their valuable clients. You can explore the main website for detailed information regarding the services and products.

Apart from this, you can also have a chat session with the service team by clicking on the contact page on the main site. Make sure that you have your personal and order details in a ready state before contacting the service team to get instant support services.

Tesco Clubcard Service Address

Maldon Building,

5 Falcon Way,

Welwyn Garden City AL7 1GA,


Useful Tips

How to register for a Tesco club card:

You should have a Tesco mobile phone.

For any queries call 282 from your cell phone.

For pay, as you go, clients, you only need to log in to your Tesco mobile account for inquiries.

Finally, for pay per month, clients need to log in their online account.

If still you are not satisfied with the information and need some clarification, you can contact them through their email address, by post and mobile phone numbers. For email addresses, they usually request you to fill the queries form online. You can still contact them through their post by sending your letter to

Tesco Club card


Tesco So

Dundee DD2 3ZR.

You will always receive a Tesco club card statement for every top up you have made. You can use your points to exchange for great rewards and tokens. This position makes you eligible for four times more your voucher on great rewards. It is easy and free to join. If you want to have a club card, just fill their application online at the join their club card segment. The primary Tesco Clubcard number is 0871 872 7174 and get proper assistance if you are having troubles in getting appropriate services. The company has a dedicated team of experienced professional that is always ready to serve you with the finest services.


The move is part of the broader change to revamp the manner Tesco customers may use their Clubcard points as well as to make them easier and simpler to comprehend. Tesco Clubcard Boost events give consumers the possibility to swap their points either online or in a shop in multiples of 5 for ten coupons to spend in specific sections. It supports its website that the events will be demolished following calls from clients that the Clubcard system needs to be easier to comprehend and simpler to use’. Tesco has supported a complete list of what’s for sale in the last ever event on its website.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Customer Service

Clubcard points are Tesco commitment scheme which allows clients accumulate one point for each pound they spend in store. These points are worth 1p each and each three months coupons to the value of the points are sent out. These could be redeemed on things from Tesco, both online or in a shop, or via Tesco’s Foster associates like Odeon, Treadwell, Caf Rouge or Cineworld. The modifications introduced today follow on from the move by Tesco towards the conclusion of last year to cut the number of Clubcard points readily available for its 2.8 million charge card holders. Formerly they’d earn one point for each four spend when utilizing a Tesco Clubcard credit card, but since 1 December this was improved to one point.

If you are facing some issues with the services of Tesco Clubcard, feel free to reach the service team by calling the original Tesco Clubcard contact number on 0871 872 7174 and get proper assistance. Furthermore, you can also visit the main website of the company and seek help from the official service providers. You can have a chat session with the service team, or you can write an email concerning your queries. Make sure you mention your correct contact details in the email so that the service team can easily contact you regarding your questions.

Tesco Clubcard Delivery and Tracking Customer Service

Tesco Clubcard offers finest delivery and tracking services for the sake of their valuable clients and eventually leaves no stone unturned in satisfying their valuable customers. Moreover, Tesco provides easy replacements and order cancellations so that their adored customers need not worry about their purchases with them. You can easily track your orders through the advanced tracking system of the company that is available on the main website of the enterprise. Apart from this, one can quickly alter the delivery day and time as per their convenience and company offer flexible delivery options. If you are facing some troubles in tracking your orders or you wish to change the delivery date and time, call the official Tesco Clubcard helpline number on 0871 872 7174 and get proper guidance. Make sure to call the service team in the business hours to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Some people favour sending an email to the officials of the company to seek proper attention regarding their queries. You can also send an email to the service team of Tesco Clubcard service providers, and they will respond in a short time.

Contact and Support

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service number

Tesco offers tremendous support services for the sake of their valuable clients that are tough to match. You can get in touch with them if you are facing some issues with the services of the company. You just need to dial the Tesco Clubcard contact number on 0871 872 7174 and get instant help regarding any issues. Here are some of the other ways by which you can communicate with the service providers of Tesco Clubcard:

  1. Contact the Tesco Clubcard Customer Service number.
  2. Contact the Tesco Clubcard customer care services by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via different social media platforms such as Facebook and
  4. Visit the Tesco Clubcard Official contact us page.
  5. Have a chat session with the support team on the official website.

Complaints and General Inquiries

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service number

If you are unsatisfied with the services of Tesco customer support providers, you can easily complaint regarding your issues by visiting the official website of the company and writing an email to the officials. Apart from this, you can have a chat session with the service team regarding your issues. The service representatives are available to serve you with the finest services at your convenience.

Connect with Tesco Clubcard services on Social Media

You can now stay updated regarding the latest news of the company and offers by following the service team on several social media platforms. Here are the social media links of Tesco:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter

Tesco Clubcard – FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)

Does your service always work 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Yes the service is 24 hours, seven days a week – though no telephony service can offer 100% guaranteed service due to reliance on other telephony companies. We do our best and use quality routes only. We have quality checks in place to help avoid poor quality lines and give you the best possible call experience.

Can I access the Mobile Banking App from any device?

Our Mobile Banking App is available on Apple and Android devices.  We don’t currently support any other mobile platforms. You can download it for free from the App Store.

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Lesley Smith

    Hi. How do I find out about if my vouchers have been sent out? Clubcard boost is on and I am still waiting for them.

  2. Claire Pykett

    Hi I brought shopping twice one for fifty pounds and another for fourty pounds I paid with my bank card but my points haven’t been added

  3. kason lynch

    My name is kason lynch of flaf23 win wood sawyers close windsor sl45hn I have lost my club card want to get a replacement send out to that address

  4. Hi.
    I refreshed my personal details today on tesco club card account to ensure you have my correct address, what I was wondering is will I get any points on my account for taking cat insurance out 8th August and if so, when would this show please?

    If not then wondering why not got the points and can you do anything to help please.

  5. Debnie

    Hello I did a online groceries order.and used my club card vouchers I had received but thenough I decided to cancel the order and just go to the shop instead and it’s saying I’ve used my vouchers which I havent

  6. Tesco Clubcard helpline Contact Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9159 call their free phone Telephone number 0800 591 688.

  7. If you are looking for Tesco Clubcard Helpline Service & Support Contact Phone Numbers in UK? Dial Direct Pone Number 0844 306 9159 & Get Help in one click! 24/7.

  8. You just have to dial any of their number: 0844 306 9159 in order to have discussion with our representatives about your requirements to Tesco Clubcard Helpline.

  9. Mor

    Some exclusions will apply and you could only shop direct with Tesco in store and on-line as opposed to Approved Tesco Partners. To exchange the coupons, you’ll have to go to the customer support desk in store or utilize the Tesco Clubcard site. So you should ensure you exchange just as much as you’ll spend to avoid losing out. The Clubcard scheme allows consumers to earn one point for each pound they spend. Each point is worth 1p and each 3 months shoppers are sent coupons, so long as they’ve 150 points. The coupons could be utilized in store or on-line, for fuel, with Clubcard Boost associates and until June 26 through Clubcard Foster events.

  10. Oral Peter

    Shoppers that accumulate points with their Clubcard, will probably continue to get Clubcard coupons 4 times a year. Clubcard holders will probably also still be able to utilize their coupons with Boost Partners, where one can currently get 4 times the value for the coupons whenever you like. Christmas Savers, who select to save up all of their coupons in time for the festive period, may carry on saving coupons as normal or opt out from the plan by May 5 2016 to be able to participate in the last Boost event. You can call 08000234 9 1 2 or 0330 1 2 3 0258.

  11. Lisa Rowney

    I live in France, please can I ou give me a contact number, I cannot get through on 0800 or 0330

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