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Bank of America Phone Numbers

If you are current Bank of America customer or planning to take their services; you can contact their customer service agents through various phone numbers and other communication channels. For proper assistance, you can give a call on this Bank of America Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0870 062 6727 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0800-456-1234 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone.

About Bank of America

Bank of America Phone Numbers

Bank of America Helpline has a rich history that dates back to 1904 when Amadeo Giannini opened the Bank of Italy in San Francisco.  It gradually developed over time to be called the Bank of America.  In 2010, it held the reputation of being the world’s third-largest company.  In 2008, they became the biggest wealth management organization by acquiring Merrill Lynch.  Bank of America Helpline is also an active part of the investment banking market.

Bank of America Helpline serves more than 55 million consumer and small business customers, over 5,500 retail banking offices, approximately 16,300 ATMs and 30 million active online users.  They serve not only individuals and businesses but also several corporate and government institutions across the globe – in more than 40 countries.  The Bank of America Corporation stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Bank of America Helpline is required to follow strict standards to do business in the UK and excellent by the Lending Code Standards Board regulatory agency.  Notably, in 2014, Bank of America Helpline partnered with Habitat for Humanity and pledged a $6 million investment from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to help build low-income facilities.

Apart from providing the best Bank of America services to the citizens of the United Kingdom; it is one of the leading and renowned banks, which provides the superlative customer services for resolving the queries of their clients. Despite all your queries and issues, you can get in touch with the bank’s customer service agents through various contact numbers and social media platforms.

Bank of America Customer Service Address

Bank of America

Heronsway, Chester CH4 9QQ, UK
You can use this Bank of America customer service address to send a handwritten letter or to visit their officials when you do not receive a satisfactory response via other communication channels.
While writing the letter make sure you explain the query with proper details and information. Mention the important details but do not write the personal information, which can be easily compromised.
Mention the important contact details in a proper way with full information so that the Bank of America customer service agents can contact you back without facing any issues.
Explain the details in a brief manner so that your letter does not appear vague and you receive a comprehensive response regarding your issue.

About Bank of America Customer Services

Bank of America Helpline offers a full host of products including but not limited to consumer banking, finance, and insurance, corporate banking, wealth management, private banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private equity, and last but not least, credit cards.

To avoid foreclosures Bank of America has launched a mortgage principal reduction plan. This has been implemented in hopes to avoid more foreclosures from happening. This plan is especially for those that might owe more than 120% on their home and also the ones that have negative amortization loans. The forgiveness plan will start in May of this year. The basics of the plan detail that you can decrease the balance of your mortgage to 100% the value of your home. There is a section of the principal balance that interest-free before the loan decrease.

Whether you are a new Bank of America customer or a regular one; we will help you cut short the wait time for the call by providing you with the direct numbers related to the services. All the Bank of America customer care number and customer service numbers (related to the Bank of America) are enlisted in the table below:

Tips to remember before calling the Bank of America customer service agents:

  1. Calls made to the Bank of America 0800 numbers are charged free of cost. Calls made to the 02 and 03 Bank of America contact numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute in addition to the fees implemented by your service provider. In case; if you’re calling from outside the UK, international call rates will be applied as per the local tariffs.
  2. You can only call the customer service agents during their working hours.
  3. Keep the following details such as account information, card details, loan or mortgage information near you to avoid any inconveniences in getting your issue resolved.

Bank of America Mortgage Services

If you don’t lose any payments in the course of five years, then you might have up to 30% of the principal forgiven. There are other conditions for having the ability to take part in this mortgage principal forgiveness loan as they should also qualify for the home mortgage alteration plan put in place by President Obama. Currently, the bank believes that 45, 000 of their mortgage clients are eligible for participation in this new program. The ones that meet the preliminary guidelines will be notified by the bank. This new plan is to assist the ones that will usually just write off their unaffordable mortgages, and Bank, of America, is among the first to react to the need to save homeowners in this challenging and high joblessness time. It is the hope that many several other banks will follow suit and Bank of America has made a decision to pave the way. Coupled with e-mortgage modification plan from the treasury depart it should be simpler to pay off the new principal as you’re getting lower rates of interest, so more of your monthly payment is going towards paying off the principal.

Bank of America Credit Cards

This bank offers a broad range of credit cards that can cater all the need of their customers such as BankAmericard Cash Rewards, BankAmericard Travelcards, America card, Better balance rewards, and much more.

When you enrol in the credit card and preferred rewards programs; you receive an excellent bonus up to 50%. As a preferred client, you even get more benefits and rewards with your everyday banking.

If you face any issue in the activation of the card, paying off bills, you can use this Bank of America’s phone number, 08007837659.

Bank of America- Contact Information and Availability

Bank of America phone numbers

Telephone Inquiries

  • Customer service, lost/stolen cards (24/7): 0800 456 1234
  • Outside the UK: + 44 1244 675 989

Please ensure to provide them with the following information in your letter:

  • Name and address
  • An appropriate daytime phone number where you can be contacted
  • Account details
  • A clear description of your complaint as well as what steps you would like them to take to resolve the matter. They will try to resolve your complaint within 28 days.

Bank of America In writing

Bank of America
Chester Business Park
Wrexham Road

Alternatively, you can write to them at:

The Customer Advocate Office
Bank of America
Chester Business Park

Apart from the call and sending the letter to their address; Bank of America provides you various communication mediums such as:

  1. Sign up for their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.
  2.  Visit their Official Contact Us Page.
  3. Go to the FAQ section of the Bank of America’s official website.

The official website of Bank of America will guide you through the proper communication channels. Also, it will provide you detailed information regarding their services.

Complaints, Feedback and General Enquiries

Bank of America continuously strives to provide excellent banking services to their clients. Let their customer service agents know if you are satisfied or unsatisfied with their services.

Dial this Bank of America’s phone number,  08004561234 to get in touch regarding any queries or issues. The customer care

In case, if you do not receive a satisfactory response via call; you can also contact them via sending a handwritten letter to their official postal address. This is the slowest mode of communication, and it can even take days to get the response.

You can also use the Bank of America’s various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to post and message your query.

Contact Bank of America via Social Media

There are various social media channels provided by Bank of America, which you can use to get in contact with their customer service agents.

You can use the following social media platforms to get heard when you are not receiving the satisfactory response from other communication channels:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Youtube
  5. Pinterest

You can use the social media channels of Bank of America to keep yourself updated about the new interest rates, services, loans, mortgages, and much more. Also, you can use the platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to post and message the complaint.

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Bank of America – FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)

How do I access my account?

Using Online Banking or Mobile Banking you can access your Bank of America checking, savings accounts, CD, IRA, credit card, mortgage and line of credit account information. You can also access your account by phone, ATM or the nearest banking center.

How can I withdraw money from my personal checking account?

–          Online Banking – to transfer funds between Bank of America accounts

–          Bill Pay – to pay your bills in minutes from one simple site

–          Cash withdrawals from Bank of America ATMs and other ATMs (at non-Bank of America ATMs we charge a fee for withdrawals; the ATM operator may charge an additional fee)

–          Telephone transfers between Bank of America accounts

–          Transfers between linked accounts at Bank of America ATMs

–          Bank of America debit card purchases at participating merchants

–          Scheduled transfers

–          Personal checks

–          Transactions with a banking center teller

Does bank of America participate in the FDIC’s transaction account guarantee program?

As of January 1, 2010 Bank of America no longer participates in the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee program. Coverage under the FDIC’s basic deposit insurance rules continues to apply. Funds held in noninterest-bearing transaction accounts will no longer be guaranteed in full under the Transaction Account Guarantee Program but will be insured up to $250,000, per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category under the FDIC’s general deposits insurance rules.

I have applied for a position in the U.S. that requires an online assessment, but I am getting an “Access Denied” error when attempting to access the assessment. How can I get this resolved?

Refer to the contact information provided in the assessment email notification to report the issue. Once the issue is logged with the assessment provider, the appropriate teams will be engaged to help resolve the issue and will follow up with you accordingly.

How do social sites help me with the recruiting process?

We post open roles on our social sites which link directly to the job requisition. In addition, we post real-time status and employment brand updates regarding awards, articles featuring leaders/the bank, etc.

Why do I need to provide some personal information for my appointment?

We ask for certain information that will help us provide more personalized service during your appointment. In order to protect your privacy, the information you provide will only be used in relation to this appointment.


Bank of America Customer Service exhausting you?

Share with us the experience of the Bank of America Australia Services (waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc.), the price of customer retention promotions & valuable tips for the benefit of all customers


  1. Jishan Amer

    Bank Of America service is okay for me and am having it from the last two years of time. The services were average with them and am using this card mostly for the payment of utility bills. Customer services can be improved with them.

  2. S Harris

    I have the credit card with the Bank of America which works good for me. The main purpose am holding this for the groceries and the general usage, also I used to get some good offers. I am having this card from the last three years of time. Customer service can be improve.

  3. Sanjay A

    Will not recommend the Bank of America credit card to any one because i had very bad experience like they charge over due for me for four months continuously.

  4. Richard Hardly

    Services are poor with Bank of America. In the beginning they promised for good cash on transactions.

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