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T-Mobile Customer Service

0844 306 9101

Now you can easily contact the service team of T-Mobile by calling the T-Mobile Customer Service number on 0844 306 9101 or call their free phone Telephone number 0845 412 5000 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. This great company is the first digital communications company in Britain to offer superfast 4G mobile services alongside fibre broadband.EE had a heritage of innovation and was born from two major mobile brands, Orange and T-Mobile, which joined forces in 2010.  Currently, they are covering 85 towns and cities and aiming to reach 98% of the UK population by the end of 2014. Their fixed Fibre Broadband service has now reached 15 million households.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile Customer Service number

T-Mobile cell phones are among the most popular handsets which are currently available. As a matter of fact, these models are second to none – both with regards to the appealing looks as well as the advanced and top end attributes. The truth that discerning users, across the world, are showing lots of interest in these very sophisticated gadgets must come as no real surprise. The design of bulk of the T-Mobile cell phones is slick, innovative and in tune with the modern world. The show displays are bright and clear – a truth which makes using these handsets very much fascinating.

If you are facing some issues with the services of T-Mobile, feel free to reach the customer care services by dialling the T-Mobile Customer Service number on 0870 062 6701. Alternatively, you can easily explore the main website of the company to know more about the services and products of the enterprise.

The multi-media capabilities of some of those gadgets aren’t any less striking. Lots of the models from this brand come with integrated music players, megapixel cameras, as well as internet explorer which make them quite definitely popular among the small as well as the restless. A lot of the T-Mobile cell phones are optimized for business use. Individuals – who need all the support they might get to keep themselves tuned to the shifting world could make the most of lots of the options that come with those phones to their edge. They may use the alternatives like document viewer, present in many a cell phone, to open and comprehend relevant documents – particularly when they’re away from their offices as well as workplaces. The company is known for their excellent customer care services that are hard to match.

About T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile Customer Service

They may use the browsing abilities to stay associated with the newest developments in their areas of work. They can receive and send e-mails in a matter of seconds. The completely operational QWERTY keyboard, present in some these devices, would make sure that the procedure for keying in important messages is not at all difficult or tedious.

The solid memory choices make these top-end gadgets all the more helpful. The best thing is the battery life’s more than adequate; one may expect the device for a run for extended hours after charging it once. If you are facing some issues with the services of T-Mobile, feel free to reach the service team by calling the main T-Mobile contact number on 0870 062 6701 and get proper support. Apart from this, you can visit the official website of the company and seek help. The service executives are available for chat, and you can easily get proper support and help regarding any issues that you are facing.
If you have a T-Mobile plan, you’ll enjoy practical value – and have access to the biggest 3G internet connection in the UK. They provide 4GEE which allows you to access the internet on your tablet, phone, and laptop within a few clicks. You can even have fast internet speed if you are out of the 4GEE area. The availability of Fibre Broadband will provide you with a home broadband internet connection that will be ten times efficient than the United Kingdom’s average. Expanded coverage backed up by excellent service is their vision. You can inquire about any services and products by getting in touch with the support team on their official T-Mobile phone number on 0870 062 6701 and get guidance. You also have an option to write an email concerning your queries to the company and send it to the registered mail id of the enterprise.

T-Mobile Service Address 

93 Fleet St,
London EC4Y 1DH,

T-Mobile Cellular Customer Service

T-Mobile is a renowned name in delivering finest cellular services in the UK with millions of satisfied customers across the globe. The company has eventually set a benchmark as the leading mobile service provider. The flexible plans and promising services are the main reason for the company’s huge success. If you are seeking the best network at competitive prices, T-Mobile is an ideal choice. You can visit the main website of the company for detailed information regarding the services and products of the enterprise. If you are an existing customer of T-Mobile and facing some issues with the services, feel free to reach the support team by dialling the T-Mobile contract on 0870 062 6701 and get prominent services.

Some people prefer to write an email concerning their queries. You can also send an email regarding your questions, and the support executive will get back to you in a short while. Make sure that you mention your correct contact details so as to get a call-back from the service team.

T-Mobile Mobile Phone Customer Service

Apart from the prominent cellular services, T-Mobile offers best in class smartphones with the company’s contract. You can choose from a wide range of best in class smartphones that are powered by the firm’s promising cellular services that are tough to match. Apart from this, you can easily visit the main website and have a look at the available devices with flexible plans. Moreover, you can also have a chat session with the service representatives regarding any queries or detailed information about the service and availability at your location. Also, you can contact T-Mobile service providers by calling the main helpline number i.e. 0844 306 9101. Make sure that you dial the service number in the business hours so as to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

You can also write an email to the service providers for any complaints and issues that you are facing with the services of T-Mobile. The company has a dedicated team of duty representatives that are always ready to serve you with the finest support services.

Useful Information  

For Pay Monthly, Mobile Broadband, Home Broadband, SIM Only, Small and Large Business customers – free during their standard opening hours which are 8 am to 8 pm weekdays and until 6 pm on weekends.  Calls outside that time (till 10 pm weekdays and 8 pm on weekends) cost 50 p per call.  This also applies to calls to 07953 966 150

For Pay, as you go, customers – 25p per call at any time

Don’t have a T-Mobile phone?

Pay monthly, Mobile Broadband, SIM Only, Pay as you go, Small and Large Business Customers –
Call 0845 412 5000

T-Mobile Home Broadband – call 0870 062 6701

Email:  Visit the website to fill out their contact form.

If you have a question or are not happy with any part of your service, you can tell them your name, address, EE account number and EE mobile number if you’re writing to them on your cell phone. Or if you are writing about your home broadband include your EE home phone number. Please also include a phone number so they can call you on during the day.

If you’re a mobile phone customer, they will send you a text message when they receive your letter to let you know it arrived safely. If you’re a broadband customer, they will write back to you.


Contact and Support

T-Mobile Customer Service number

If you are unsatisfied with the services of T-Mobile, feel free to reach the official support providers by writing a complaint regarding your issues. The support representatives will get back to you in a short while and resolve your issues. Make sure that you mention your correct contact details in the email so that the support team can reach you quickly. Here are some of the ways by which you can get to the service team of T-Mobile:

  1. Contact the T-Mobile Customer Service number.
  2. Contact the T-Mobile customer care services by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via different social media platforms such as Facebook and
  4. Visit the T-Mobile Official contact us page.
  5. Have a chat session with the support team on the official website.

Complaints and General Inquiries

T-Mobile Customer Service number

If you wish to complain about the services of T-Mobile, you can dial the main T-Mobile customer service number, and you will get proper support. Also, you can have a chat session with the service team by visiting the official website of the company. The support team is always ready to serve you with the finest services. Just get in touch with them through a telephonic call or through a chat session by visiting the main website.

Connect with T-Mobile on Social Media

You can now connect with T-Mobile on different social media pages and stay updated regarding their services and offers. Here are the social media links of T-Mobile that you can follow:






T Mobile – FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)


Which customers can get T-Mobile with taxes and fees included?

Postpaid T-Mobile customers, T-Mobile for Business and Puerto Rico, and employees (accounts up to 12 lines), Pre-paid T-Mobile, Simple Choice No Credit Check, T-Mobile No Credit Check & accounts over 12 lines are NOT eligible. Customers participating in the DIGITS beta will be able to enroll a few weeks after launch.

What is T‐Mobile’s return policy?

Our return policies are based on where you bought your phone or device. If you bought it in a T‐Mobile store then you have 14 days to return it to that store. If it was purchased from an authorized dealer it needs to be returned to them. For online or over-the-phone sales you should call us at 1‐800‐866‐2453 and we’ll help you take care of it.

Does T-Mobile offer a plan for international travel with my tablet or mobile hotspot?

To use your tablet or mobile hotspot while you’re out of the country, simply sign up for T-Mobile International Internet Service before your trip. First, check your device to make sure it supports the frequencies used at your destinations. The monthly rate is $10/MB in Canada, $15/MB in other countries, and charges will vary depending on the amount you send, receive and/or download.

Will I have to change my phone’s settings to work with T‐Mobile?

Yes. When you switch to T‐Mobile and bring your own phone you will need to change the settings on your phone after you install your new SIM card. Each phone is a little different, so be sure to follow the directions for android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Why does T-Mobile do this?

At T-Mobile unlimited is truly unlimited. No overages or data caps apply on our network. Data prioritization will only be noticeable when you access a congested tower and have used over 50GB of data in a particular billing cycle. You will continue to get unlimited high speed data on your smartphone when you aren’t accessing a congested tower. In that way it’s different from data throttling, which slows you down for the remainder of your bill cycle regardless of network conditions, all the time.

I don’t have any signal on my device – what should I do?

Start by checking that you don’t have any settings switched on which may be affecting your signal, such as the Airplane Mode or Auto Mode, or your Wi-Fi is turned off. You should also check that your sim card is inserted properly, your phone has the latest software and your line is active/you have a positive credit balance and that you are in an area with coverage.

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  1. Sarah H

    T-Mobile cannot give me my PAC for a phone number I have had all my life! They then hung up the phone to me when I asked them to try again. Stay away from them.

  2. Jack Pitt

    Terrible service, terrible products & terrible prices

  3. Claire

    I will never use T-Mobile again. Worst service ever received over the years I have been with them.

  4. admin

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  5. mike skdr

    Tethering with a hotspot phoneWhat is tethering? After connecting to the cell phone information network, the smartphone can distribute its connection to the internet to several customers via a Wi-Fi connection. Any Wi-Fi capabilities computer or tablet can connect to it, as well as the real bonus is the Wi-Fi router is within your telephone so there’s no additional stuff to take with you and no other apparatus to recharge. All four national mobile data networks – AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile and Verizon – offer phones that can act as Wi-Fi hotspots, and there are about 60 smartphones available today that can perform this task.

    They come from the main telephone manufacturers, use a wide variety of mobile OS, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS as well as Windows Mobile Phone, and come in an extensive variety of sizes and contours. Basically, wherever you might get a mobile data link, you may transmit it with a hotspot telephone. Does Wi-Fi tethering make the telephone any bigger or heavier? No. Wi-Fi tethering requires that the phone possess a Wi-Fi chip integrated, but mobile phones already have this for connecting at Web cafs or in the office. The hotspot capability is enabled by application and doesn’t add to the almost all a telephone.

    There are hotspot telephones that consider as small as 3.2 oz. Anyone who is set up a Wifi router or used a cellular hotspot may allow Wi-Fi tethering. To get the telephone to act as a Wifi hotspot, you have to start the tethering application by tapping on its icon, it often has some variance of Mobile hotspot in its name so it is hard to miss. The details vary based over the telephone in question, but after clicking on a box to turn the hotspot on, you will typically need to configure it by typing in a network name, selecting its security kind and assigning a security password. Most hotspot telephones are up to date with WPA2 protection in order that outsiders cannot tap into your cellular network or read any data.

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