Facebook Helpline UK

Facebook Helpline UK

0871 434 4948

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Facebook UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday9:00AM - 5:00PM

Facebook Customer Service

0871 434 4948

You can now contact Facebook service providers by calling on the Facebook Customer Service number on 0871 434 4948 or call their free phone Telephone number 800-090-3235 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. Facebook is one of the largest, most popular social networks. It is founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. They came to an idea to create a way for people to connect and have access to some useful features while they were in college. Originally named ‘The Facebook,’ as a hint towards documentation provided to university students, it quickly began to attract users to create a profile. The service has been and will be free, as claimed by the logo on the main page, and anyone who is 13 years or older can make a profile. Today, the Facebook helpline is one of the most popular sites, with 1.32 billion registered users worldwide.

About Facebook

Facebook Customer Service

The concept behind Facebook and the Facebook Helpline is simple. It should allow users to create a personal profile and personalize it. After that, they can add other users as their friends, create photo albums, post links, status updates and chat with other people. Recent updates include a video feature, which allows users to connect and chat with video feedback in real-time, without having to use Skype for that sort of communication. Facebook is quickly expanding to cater to various tastes and age groups, so people can join groups, play games and interact with different communities. Customers know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and knowledgeable internet clients know that Facebook is the last squeak amplifier.

You can get support if you are facing some issues using the services of Facebook, only call the service providers by calling the Facebook Customer Service on 0871 434 4948, and you will get instant help regarding any issues. Apart from this, you can also visit the main website and click on help and support page, and you can seek help. Apart from this, the company tries to resolve any issue in a short time, and you can easily rely on their customer care services. You can also get support by visiting the main address of the company near you. The company has a dedicated team of experienced professionals that are always ready to serve you the best regarding quality and commitment. Just get in touch with them through a telephonic call or via email. Make sure to mention the correct contact details so that the support team can easily get back to you.

About Facebook Customer Service

Facebook Customer Service

Here are eight guidelines to assist you to improve your Facebook client service initiative and, consequently, lift your brand’s reputation, decrease the incoming service requests, acquire new customers and turn occasional customers into brand loyalists. Nolan suggests that brands build an on-line client support channel and after that funnel the data in their current Customer relationship management system. Businesses like Getting Gratification, Lithium, Moxie Software and Parature allow brands to provide customers a way to join in multiple on-line places, including Facebook.

With the products, businesses can streamline their client support procedures and track significant customer information, no matter where the consumer decides to participate. You can seek help from the official service providers by calling the Facebook contact number on 0871 434 4948. Apart from this, you can visit the main website of the company for faqs and other queries. Make sure to be specific regarding your questions. Also, you can write an email concerning your queries. The support team will eventually get back to you in a short time.

As these characteristics are commonplace, customers will start to automatically seek them outside when they visit a brand page, therefore to organize. Those supporters tend to lend a hand when an individual stops by with a question. Your client support reps are not Facebook experts and vice-versa – this is why the two groups must work together to provide on-line customers with the best support experience. Have your social network team field Facebook opinions and escalate problems to the appropriate client support representative. Many social network marketing platforms, like Buddy Media, Circumstance Elective and Wildfire offer temperance characteristics that allow for customer support reps to be pinged and encouraged to react upon appointment. For further details, call the official Facebook contact number i.e. 0871 434 4948, and you will get proper support regarding all your queries.

Facebook HelplineUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Number 0844 306 9178
Toll-Free Helpline Number 800-090-3235
Account Helpline Number 650-543-4800
General Inquiries 0843 013 0050

Facebook Service Address

10 Brock St,

Kings Cross,

London NW1 3FG,


Facebook Social Networking Customer Service Experience

The company is known for their best in class customer care services for the sake of their valuable clients so that they can easily rely on them. You can get instant support services by getting in touch with the service team. You can create a brand name that’s approachable. Don’t delete posts, but rather take an opportunity to solve your client issues or complaints on your public page. Each problem is more than likely an issue for another customer, and if the answer is simple to find, clients will be capable of answering their very own inquiries. In the very least, page visitors and buddies of the disgruntled client will see your brand as receptive and solution oriented.

Elisabeth Diana of Facebook communications team recommends brands take benefit of two new Timeline functions: communications and pinned posts. If you are facing some troubles in using the social media platform, you can quickly call the Facebook phone number on 0871 434 4948 and get instant support services. First, users are now able to join with a brand through brand page messages directly. This feature may serve as a free on-line client support system for the brand till your volume becomes unmanageable.

Facebook Account Customer Service

You can easily get in touch with the support team to get proper assistance regarding any issues that you are facing with your account. The company offers the finest customer care services for the sake of their valuable clients. Some people often face troubles while they are creating a new account on the social media giant and they are unable to tackle the situation. Also, you can enquire about the previously created account and seek for help in reactivating a deactivated account. For more details, feel free to reach the customer care services by dialing the Facebook customer service number on 0871 434 4948 and get proper support. You can also visit the main website of the company for detailed information about the platform.

Facebook Messenger Customer Service

Facebook Customer Service

You can install the Facebook Messenger for accessing Facebook chat on your Smartphone on the go. The company is providing free access to the application for your mobile and tablet. Just visit the main website and click on Messenger and you will be directed to your respected App Store or Play Store as per your mobile operating platform. If you face any difficulties while downloading the application, feel free to reach out the support team by calling the support team on Facebook contact helpline number, and you will get instant support service. You can also have a chat support from the service providers by visiting the main website of the company, and they will resolve your issues.

Apart from this, you can check the FAQ’s on the website by clicking on Help and support page. The service team is always ready to serve you with the finest customer care services. Moreover, you can enquire about the services of the company by writing an email concerning your queries to the registered mail of the enterprise. If you are calling on the customer care helpline number, make sure that you are accurate regarding your questions so as to get proper support in a short time.

Contact and Support

Facebook Customer Service

If you are facing some issues with the company’s services, feel free to reach the service providers for help. You can dial the central helpline number of the business, and you will get proper support. If you are unable to find the support number, just type how to contact Facebook on a search engine, and you will get noticeable results. The primary Facebook Customer Service number is 0871 434 4948, and you can call this number to get relevant information about the services of the company. Apart from this, you can also write an email about your queries and send it to the official mail address of the enterprise.

You can also provide suggestions to enhance the customer care services for the sake of other clients. Furthermore, you can also provide your personal experience with the service team.

Useful Tips

Users can contact Facebook helpline to get help related to their account as well as offer helpful suggestions. For any assistance regarding the personal account, users can refer to the help page, which contains all of the details related to the management of auditors.

Facebook helpline offered a phone support, but the feature has been disabled. Instead, users can feel free to refer to the help page and even post some of their issues. The support team of Facebook will be glad to respond and will take up the responsibility.

People with similar questions will have a chance to have their posts seen by someone who knows the solution, so you can expect one of the willing and knowledgeable users to resolve the issue.

Facebook Customer Service
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48 Responses to Facebook Customer Service

  1. K Gardner says:

    I want to delete my Facebook account but keep getting an invalid email/password combination error message even tho I am using the same FB password that I am logged in with .Help !!

  2. David pearson says:

    i am trying to reset my password and I can’t get past confirming my identity, it tells me to log in from a different browser, I can’t due to lost phone, can you help

  3. Marcus says:

    some going put a video of me on Facebook and I’m going kill myself if it happens

  4. Harveen Dhaliwal says:

    I have changed my number. Because of that i am unable to recieve my conformation code. Can you help me to login

  5. We have complained to,Facebook about a sexual prediter on several,groups but they’ve done nothing about it. Can I olease have contact number in UK.thanks

  6. Jean Garrett says:

    Facebook timeline is unusable on my tablet, messages in one letter list down left of screen and icons on left instead of as headings, how do I change this back?

  7. chantelle says:

    Hiya just writing this to uwe think my partners Facebook as been hacked as.Someone has put a rude video on news feed and he don’t kno about it as just one of his friends told him to delete it off there and it’s been adding other people to video we sounder if u could help

  8. I really need help fast someone Has stolen all my info and put it on port sites 🙁 pleas ehelp

  9. Someon has been sending me loads of messages saying tthathhave stolen my info and is posting it on porns if I don’t reply to them for 4 hours 🙁

  10. My email is a old number, I have forgot my password and when facebook say they will send new password, they send it to my old number and I don’t receive xx

  11. I need help on retrieving my password for my account and deactivating the new one that has been set up

  12. Masudah says:

    I have created a public event on facebook, i have invited 462 people, and it is not letting me add anymore. i see on some facebook public events, you can invite up to 4k people. How do i overcome this. Please reply ASAP.

  13. sarah harron says:

    I did a update on my phone and it will not let me acess my fb account I for got what I set as a security question and somehow it ended up setting a different account to my email address I have tried everything for the past week please help!!!!!

  14. I want to deactivate my account but it wont let me, says my password is wrong. Cant eeset it either cause of my mobile is different. Help!!

  15. valquiria says:

    I’m try to reset my password, but i never get the code,i need help please.thks

  16. val Hernandez says:

    I’m try to reset my password, but i never got the code ,i need help please.thks

  17. THere is currently a bug affecting the Notes section on facebook whereby a page keeps coming up when you wish to edit or add a “Note” which you are unable to type on, it is not the appropriate usual page even though I am clicking on the usual stuff. This has been going on for three months and I am really upset about it as for this time ihave been unable to use this part of facebook which I enjoy for recipes, poems etc, I can’t use it now, please investigate this bug for me and get back to me with what is happening as emailing the on line method has brought no results, I would be most grateful for your assistance in this

  18. THere is a fraudulent user of facebook called Chrisytal Hughes who is contacting facebook users saying it s on the behalf of facebook staff,saying they have won a large amount of money in a competition, I felt you should be made aware of this fruedulent practice by these criminals who are upseting the public and will obviously want to close down thier facebook account. I contacted the police as well when this person contacted me to tell me on behalf of facebook that I had won a facebook competition, just to let you know

  19. Do you actually answer these posts? I am prepared to be amazed as you don’t normally. I’ve never had a reply from you to date, just stating facts.

  20. I am trying to delete three names of my Facebook space. I put them on, hoping they would respond but it has come to nothing. The best advice I have had is to remove their profiles as it is causing angst to a member of my family. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  21. THere is a bug affecting uploading photos on facebook currently no matter what browser i use, a message comes up saying “no photos were uploaded” regardless of taking the usual steps to upload, so its nothing im doing, its a bug and i would like it fixed

  22. Karishma says:

    Hi I need help someone bothering me and my family please help me out with this

  23. Fatima says:

    Hi.. My account is temporarily locked.. And i can’t remember the date of birth i used and its on my nick name.. I dont have id card or any documents for that. Can u please tell me how do i get it back

  24. robin says:

    I have 2 fb accts. I want to delete one, but don’t know how. Please help.

  25. What a crock ov shit no help from yous what so ever three days on stil nothink

  26. Prabhleen kaur says:

    i cannot open my Facebook account I donnot what happen what can I do and my Facebook account open I have phone number and password please help me

  27. Clea Griffiths says:

    I changed my name a few weeks ago as I used the name ‘Klia’ instead of ‘clea’ but I got married last weekend and now I cant change my last name because i have to wait 60 days. Can anyone help me? I have clicked on many links that I have seen but none work for me.

  28. Hi i got a 24hr block for a post i didnt put up, its been longer than 24hrs and i still cant log on. I dont understand why

  29. [email protected] says:

    i am trying to reset my password and I can’t get past confirming my identity, it tells me to log in from a different browser, I can’t due to lost phone, can you help

  30. liz says:

    My friend used my facebook site and now every time I try and login her email appears how do I remove this from my account? thanks

  31. Daryl says:

    I have two Facebook accounts, one which I rarely use and the other which I use of a regular basis, both Facebook were pretty much linked up to the same cadentials but obviously slightly different, I did a factory reset on my phone Lastnight, come to log back in on Facebook and it now keeps resorting back to my other Facebook which I hardly use. Ive tried my mob number and email address and both keep resorting back to my other, I’ve deleted my number off my one I hardly use and tried to remind it back up with my main Facebook and everything I seem to do, seems useless.

    Any suggestions?

  32. Kimberley says:

    I need help getting my fackebook account back to its original page and not a LIKE page

  33. Sarah McLean says:

    My google account is not let me log in to is and is my Facebook account one to

  34. Sarah McLean says:

    My Facebook account is not let me log in with my email account

  35. precious says:

    I need to get my old facebook back my only problem is o fogot my password and i cannot old email adress in wch i have also changed my celphone number please help

  36. zoe says:

    Last night I couldn’t get into my facebook and now have accounts I want to delete the new one .How do I do it ?

  37. Katie lever says:

    I can’t get into my facebook and the code is sent to my old number so I can’t get the code please help as my business is run through my page asap I think some of essential has changedone my password help

  38. Demi says:

    I can’t log into my account on Facebook and it’s saying about my email but my email is the same password and I obviously have forgot it! Can somebody please help I’ve been trying to do EVERYTHING for hours

  39. Sarah Prenzel says:

    Hi have been locked out my facebook over a week now i have sent id though please let me know what is going on as i am not happy

  40. Len Gill says:

    I’ve been logged out of my Facebook account since yesterday. No Idea why. I do not use foul language or make racist remarks. so why has my account been suspended?

  41. Fantaboy Fong says:

    My fb account suddenly need me o submit ID or some other documents to prove my username is used is daily live, I have submitted but my fb account is still suspended. Please help and reply.

  42. Ben says:

    Ive been blocked from posting or commenting on facebook this is jepridising my business need it rectified asap please

  43. kerry shears says:

    I would like to know whether a group would disappear if it was closed or whether it could still be accessed on facebook messenger please

  44. Hollie white says:

    Heya can you give me a email or call my back my Facebooks been banned for 30days and I need to get in contact with family messaging as it’s a emergency and this is the second time I’ve been banned help me out please

  45. Julia Wafforn says:

    My Facebook account was hacked and “temporarily locked” as a security measure. How long will this take and how can I get my account unlocked?

  46. Alice Levett says:

    My account has been temp locked, but after 24 hours I still can’t get in. I got scammed and I don’t know who to contact 😩😢 what do I do?

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