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Netflix Helpline Customer Service – Overview

Netflix Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9183 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0800-096-6379 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. Netflix Helpline was established in 1997 and they have their major operations as a provider of Internet streaming media available to viewers all over the world including the United Kingdom. They have their headquarters in Los Gatos California and from 1999, they started their subscription-based digital distribution service.

Netflix had their original business operations as mailing DVDs but gradually, they moved from mailing DVDs to introducing video-on-demand through the internet and through this, they developed and maintain an extensive personalized video-recommendation system which is based on ratings and reviews by its customers and has played a prominent role in independent film distribution.

Netflix Helpline officially launched their operations in the United Kingdom by 2012 and since then, their operations have thrived beyond expectations.

Netflix Contact Helpline

Netflix Contact Helpline

Netflix Customer Services

Netflix Helpline is a subscription-based movie and television program rental service that offers media to subscribers via Internet streaming and via US mail.A subscriber creates an ordered list, called a rental queue, of movies to rent. The movies are delivered individually to the subscriber all at a reasonable and affordable price.

Netflix offers the internet video streaming service by giving internet-connected devices access to Netflix’s online content library with a great and appealing user experience for customers to savour.

The new search experience on the Netflix’s website makes it possible for easier and faster access to favourite movies and TV shows with a better visual presentation. Customers do not have to search too long to find the movie of their choice. The customer can easily view all the shows under the Netflix banner. This is a new and amazing feature all geared to improve user experience and make the customer’s search for their favourite movies easy and worthwhile.

Netflix Contact Information

Netflix Helpline can be reached through this number – 0870 046 9503

They can also be contacted via email through the following links:

To chat with a Netflix Helpline customer service support agent, you can reach them via the following link:

They can also be reached through this address: 100 Winchester Circle; Los Gatos, California 95032.

Netflix – FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)


What is the Netflix basic plan?

Our basic plan lets you stream TV shows and movies from Netflix on one device at a time in standard definition (SD). Our premium plan lets you stream TV shows and movies from Netflix on four devices at the same time and in high definition (HD) and ultra-high definition (UHD) when available.

Why am I seeing multiple charges on my statement?

We will only charge you once a month for a Netflix subscription. If you see more charges than you expected, you may be seeing a temporary authorization. We will send an authorization whenever you open a new account or update your payment information. If you did not recently open an account or update your payment information, check your statements for previous unexpected charges. If you have verified with your financial institution that they are actual charges, please click Start Live Chat or Call Us below so we can help you investigate.

How do I change my billing date?

To change your billing date, you’ll need to cancel your account and restart it on the date you’d like to be billed on.

If you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle, the cancellation will not fully complete until the end of that billing cycle, and you will be unable to restart your account until after that time. If your account is on a hold, your cancellation will be effective immediately, and you can restart your account at any time.

Credit Card and Debit Cards

We accept local cards including Visa and MasterCard. International cards are only accepted for members currently paying with an international card.

Cards must be enabled for recurring e-commerce transactions to work with Netflix.

Prepaid Cards

If you have a prepaid card with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo, you can enter your card’s information on our payment page. If the bank that issued the card approves our authorization request, we will accept this card for payment.


You can sign up for Netflix through iTunes on your Apple TV, or iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models running iOS 7.0 or later to pay for your Netflix subscription through your iTunes account. Pricing and currency may vary by country.


How do I update my payment information?

Sign in to the Netflix website and visit your Account to update your Netflix payment information.  Some payment options will direct you to their website to complete the update process.

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  1. Fed Jason

    I think I am paying too much for the service I receive.

  2. Shajol John

    we still love Netflix even though we also use Amazon prime.If you love Netflix and detective series

  3. David Bone

    Signed up for 30 days free trial, was charged anyway, tried to contact customer service, couldn’t get through. Film selection is not good, interface sucks.

  4. Pizzaro Amer

    If this is the best then the rest must be poor. Errors downloading, broken streaming, poor quality sound, need i say more !

  5. Rofi

    they need more recent movies to watch instantly…all i watch is instant movies …I give netflix a 3 out of 10 rating

  6. Mizan

    I like Netflix but the horror movies are getting old and boring I’ve seen all the good ones need new ones starting not watch Netflix at all

  7. Anthony

    Always having problems with film titles. You try to watch a film, comes up having problems with that title. Try another, same problem, all old films. I shall change ASAP. £5.99 for total rubbish, not good enough, total rubbish.

  8. Jean Laird

    I cannot get into Netflix on my Kindle can u help /

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