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British Gas Top Up Contact
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British Gas Customer Service

Although, getting in touch with the customer service agent via call is the quickest and most convenient way to get your queries resolved. But at the same time, no one likes to go through the endless wait it takes to get connected to the relevant department. If you are a British Gas customer or If you are planning to a make their connections; we will help you cut short the process by providing you with the direct contact numbers of the department. Whether you want to take a new connection; have a query regarding the Billings; face issues regarding the smart meters; this post will provide you with all the direct contact numbers and company’s local address for related customer service requirements.

British Gas Telephone Numbers


British Gas Customer Service UK
British Gas is the leading gas provider across U.K. They take care of customers’ every day’s need by showing value for their money, having a committed team, always having innovative skills that will lead to energy solutions and will increase home services expertise. Apart from concentrating on supplying gas and electricity, they have ventured into corporate responsibility. This is where they train people their skills and also employ people from the nearby community as a way of giving back to the community. They can have a meeting with their partners, in this session that’s where they discover your needs and look for solutions.


They also do help the country in exploring energy bill and finding their solutions. This helps them to turn their annual profits to investments. This acts as a guarantee to the country and its people sustainable supply for the future. It also helps the country have many homes with electricity. his makes home be warm all the time.

With numerous distinct products in the marketplace today, searching for the best warm water boilers may be nerve-racking. Whenever we enter appliance stores, we’d see rows and rows of numerous water heating systems, and it may be difficult to make a smart and economical choice.

Their customer service is also one of the highest performing and busiest in the United Kingdom. Regardless of all the queries and issues, you can get in touch with world’s leading energy and gas provider through following communication channels such as call, post, and even social media.

British Gas Service Contact Numbers

If you have any query regarding the British Gas services; you can use this British Gas Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9163 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0800 048 0202 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. British Gas has also ventured into sponsoring some events just to promote their products like the British gas swim Britain challenge, British Gas British swimming, and British Gas Pools 4 Gas. In these developments, they provide information about their items to the general public. It’s another way to communicate with the public.

British Gas Homecare Services

British Gas customer service

With a compact and convenient shape, this warm water boiler is quite simple to create, and you could immediately put it to use for heating in open vented systems. It’s also possible to use this to get any cylinder and header tank, which makes it much more versatile. The only drawback to the British Gas water boilers will be its restriction: it’d only be the ideal fit for an open vent facility. While the timer is not fundamentally a priority, you might want that it contained a built-in clock for a customer to gauge the cooking time.

The controls are simple to understand and have received comments from most of its clients. The Valliant ecoTEC plus 630 is simply among the many water boilers that Valliant provides. Unlike the British Gas model, the Vaillant is LPG convertible. The compact size makes it perfect to utilize and install, and this item has additionally obtained an A rating with regards to efficient use of energy. Since this is a wall mounted warm water boiler, its form is simply right for heat water in an easy and straightforward way. The only drawback to the Valliant is that it doesn’t include a timer, which could be required for some individuals who want to be capable of looking closely at boiling durations.

If you need more information regarding the home care services such as installation or repair of the boiler; you can dial this British Gas Telephone Number, 08009806004.

British Gas Contact Number List

Whether you have a query regarding the British Gas connection; or if you require help with the smart meters; facing issues in the home care services such as boilers; have a question regarding the payments; details of all the contact numbers and the customer services are enlisted in the table below:

Tips to remember before calling the British Gas Helpline:

  1.  It is easier to contact British Gas helpline when you have an account ready. However, if you don’t have, you may still contact them.First, if you are in dire need of gas, you may call 0800 111 999.It’s a 24-hour line and free For, example if you buy a gas and its delivered to your house, a few hours later you smell gas leaks, you should call the number. If you have faulty machines, you should call the police and then call us 0800 0481000.
  2.  They operate from 9 am – 1 p.m and then to another shift of 4 p.m – 7 p.m.If you want your calls to be responded to faster than you think, you should call them during these hours.
  3. Calls made to the British Gas 0800 UK numbers are free of cost. Calls made to (02) and (03) UK numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute, with an addition to the charges applied by the telephone service provider. In case, if you are calling from outside the UK, international call rates will be used as enforced by the local tariffs.

Contact British Gas UK

British Gas Customer Service

To offer you excellent customer services; British Gas has several communication channels, which will help you to get in touch with the British Gas customer service agents. Mentioned below are the complete contact details of each communication channel that will help you to get your issues resolved.

You can also call them if you need home services like Boiler breakdown, home and electric appliances, plumbing and drains breakdowns, Home insulations installation, and if you need some to install central heatings. British gas helpline is known to have 77% customer contact resolutions.

To contact the British Gas customer service representatives, you can use the following communication channels:

Call the British Gas customer service agents using the various customer service contact numbers.

Visit the Contact us page on the official website of British Gas. The official website will provide you with all the contact number of the services, which will help you to get in touch with their customer service agents.

Alternatively, you can send an email to their mailing address.

In case, if you do not want to contact them via call; you also have the option to send a handwritten letter to their official postal address:

British Gas

Southall UB1 1DA, UK

Tips for writing the letter to British Gas

While writing the letter, try to follow a highly detailed and a precise manner. Try to mention all the important details in your letter so that it does not appear vague. But do not mention the personal details, which can be easily compromised.

Write about your issue; what difficulty it has caused you and how do you want us to resolve the issue.

Remember to mention the contact details with proper information so that the British Gas customer service agents can contact you with ease.

Social Media:


British Gas customer service
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If none of the above communication channels is providing you with a satisfactory response, then social media is the best way to get heard. You can use the below mentioned social media channels to get in contact with the British Gas customer service agents:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube

The various social media channels of the British Gas will keep you updated with the latest services and offers. Also, you can use their Facebook or Twitter channel to post and message your queries or feedbacks.

    1. Complaints, Feedbacks, and Enquiries

      Every customer is valuable to the British Gas. Let the British Gas customer service agents know if you face any queries or issues with the services provided by the company.

      To raise a complaint or to provide feedback for their services, you can use this British Gas toll-free number 08000480202 or Customer service number, 08000727511.

      In case, if you do not want to call the British Gas customer service agents, you can also visit their main office at this address or you can also send a handwritten letter, which states your queries.

      British Gas

      Bradmarsh Business Park Bow Bridge Close, Rotherham S60 1BY, UK


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    Share with us the experience of the British Gas customer service like waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc. the price of customer retention promotions, and the valuable tips for the benefit of the customers.

British Gas Customer Service exhausting you?

Share with us the experience of the British Gas Australia Services (waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc.), the price of customer retention promotions & valuable tips for the benefit of all customers

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