EBay Customer Service Number
EBay Customer Service Number
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eBay Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9177 or call their TelePhone number 0345 355 3229 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. eBay helpline is one of the leading online markets. It is a market where you will find electronics, home and garden tools, Men’s and women’s fashion,  sports and leisure equipment, baby clothes, kids and toys and. health and beauty apparatus. They help in increasing the pace at which online market is gaining momentum.

eBay Customer Services

They have made simplified shopping by availing it online and delivering it anytime and anywhere in the world. They have concentrated on making their clients be their partners and not competitors. It had operated for a few years before it rose to higher heights in 2012, it helped many consumers to conduct their business online. It introduced eBay helpline to support their customers when they had queries.

eBay is subdivided into 3 groups. They are buying questions, selling questions and my accounts queries. They have compiled buying questions into one package. In this package, you may ask how to bid or buy, how to retract a bid, how to cancel a purchase, they have also allowed you to contact the seller if need be and lastly you are allowed to report an item or report a member for breaching the rules and policies of the market.

On selling the package, eBay helpline helps you get started by providing information of how to start; they notify you with their eBay fees, invoices, and billing. They also assist you when listing products. They usually revise the list. They manage the bids and buyers. After selling your items, they may help you repost the item, leave and receive feedback. They are the ones who resolves selling problems.For example, when your item is removed. They contact the buyer who has not paid. They can cancel an order after you sold your item.

Classified Ads have today come to eBay.co.uk with the arrival of eBay Motor Pro. Introduced recently for documented company Vendors on eBay, this new listing format is definitely excellent for motor dealers with a large stock of inventory to sell, or to provide cars that don’t fit in the routine auction or buy it now format. Initially, eBay Motors Pro is providing a two-month with no danger trial that may be appealing to the majority of dealers, giving them the opportunity to find out whether the bundle is right for them. Why are classified advertisements distinct Out of every other eBay selling format, is the fact that each sale is generated off-line and away from eBay.

Intrigued parties email the dealer about the vehicle and are then free to trade contact information. eBay sells the opportunity as ways to Promote your vehicles available on eBay Motors and generate more leads to your showroom. That is a first for eBay, who’ve previously made it obligatory to complete any sales inside the eBay group of sites. Maybe this move is an entrance by eBay a growing portion of vehicles sales that are originally outlined on eBay, are now finished away from the auction website. Such sales have and constantly deprive eBay of any closing sales fees that they’d normally be entitled to. All classified advertisements appear within regular eBay search results page, so dealers should not have any trouble gaining publicity for their extra vehicle listings. eBay Motor Pro, appears to provide a real alternative to dealers having their very own website.

eBay Contact Information and Availability

Despite it having the marketplace, it has 3 other categories. They are newsroom, photo library, and press contacts. Press contacts assist journalists who have new information about eBay in U.K. For a journalist with questions they should contact [email protected] if they want instant response. However, if they want to reach the team during none- office hours, they should call +447827242941.This is totally different from customer care support. You will be directed to contact eBay helpline.

Lastly, you can contact the eBay helpline when having difficulties while registering for your account. They will help you set up a selling account and also open a store.

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  1. Margaret Matheson

    I cannot remember my password and need to find out why a pair of slippers have not arrived

  2. korel

    With the earphones themselves you may also find the enclosed cable with remote as well as mic, carrying case, as well as a AA battery. Yes, even though these are normal headphones, you will need a battery. The design of the Skullcandy Crusher somehow manages to be a bit.n the boring side despite all of the faux chrome as well as the skulls everywhere. To make sure nobody forgets that made these earphones, the band conspicuously features embossed Skullcandy branding.

  3. jonny

    Premiered a market for new products Monday that allows consumers to purchase items rapidly as opposed to in an auction over several days, challenging on-line retailing giant Amazon.com. The market, eBay Express, showcases fixed price products sold by merchants across eBay at a single location. In a departure for the company, visitors will be capable to purchase items from multiple sellers utilizing a single shopping cart, avoiding the hassle of providing personal info several times at checkout. We wanted to build eBay Express as a window, if you’ll, to all the new fixed priced items that you could buy on eBay, said Jamie Iannone, senior director of eBay Express.

  4. Ofera

    In opening EBay Express, the San Jose market is now a closer competitor with the array of on-line retailers, most notably Amazon.com, in Seattle.

  5. Moses jk

    That will allow shoppers to purchase at a very convenient way. Consumer electronics, books, and jewelry & watches are among the 31 categories of merchandise available in the Express area. Digital cameras, athletic shoe and leather office chairs are only some of the more than 10 million products for sale there. The new market is part of a broader effort by eBay to combat slowing down growth by expanding into new areas, including Internet phone service and apartment listings. EBay’s shares are down nearly 30 percent since the beginning of the year because of investors worries. They closed Monday at $34.93, down 16 cents.5 percent.

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