flybe Helpline contact phone
flybe Helpline contact phone
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Flybe Customer Service

Get proper assistance on your every Flight by dialling this Flybe Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9142 or call their TelePhone number 0371-700-2000 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone.

Flybe is the first ever independent carrier in the UK to create a regional network hub when they made the announcement of the new improved point to point connections through Manchester airport in 2012.In the year 2013, Flybe celebrated 30 years of Southampton – Belfast City route, which marks yet another milestone for the giant airline operator.

About Flybe

Flybe Customer Service

Flybe Established in 1979 as Jersey European Airways operating regional services from Jersey, Flybe has grown into a large global airline since it took its new name ‘Flybe’ in July 2002. It is one of the leading airline company, which has won several international awards, including its recent award as Amsterdam Schipol Airport’s Airline of the Year 2012 Europe, awarded in April 2013.

In December 2012, Flybe broke yet another record within the British airline industry, when it became the first UK carrier to offer passengers automatic check-in at the point of booking.

Flybe helpline is not just a one-man business; it is a giant company with great investors, which makes their services unparalleled.

Flybe Helpline – Overview

Apart from offering cheap and affordable flight bookings to travellers, Flybe helpline has a unique customer service that offers travellers the option of upfront transparent pricing and an improved hassle-free travel experience.

As one of Europe’s largest regional airline, Flybe helpline offers not just low-cost flight, but a variety of other products and services ranging from- Flybe Aviation Services, Flybe Shopping, to Flybe Training Academy, etc.

Flybe Aviation services are part of Flybe Limited, a publicly listed company based at Exeter International Airport in the South West of England, providing one of the world’s leading and most advanced maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) services, dedicated solely to regional aircraft.

Due to its focus on high maintenance quality and standard, Flybe Aviation services is an approved Embraer Authorized Service Centre and Bombardier Approved Aircraft Service Centre. They are also an Approved ATR Maintenance Facility, and BAE Recognised Finishing Centre.

Flybe shopping, which is entirely an online based shopping platform providing shoppers with an easy to access shopping solution.

Flybe also owns and operates a Training Academy, which offers a wide variety of training programs for aviation and non-aviation customers. You can get in touch with the Flybe Customer Service Agents through this number,  0844 306 9142 and you will get an instant regarding your issues.

Flybe Customer Service Address

Flybe Customer Contact Centre,
PO BOX 795,
EX1 9UL,
United Kingdom


About Flybe Customer Service

Asked to name the largest airline operating domestic services in the United Kingdom many people would likely guess British Airways, or perhaps easyJet. Last year one company operated more UK domestic flight than BA and easyJet combined. That provider is Flybe, which achieved the effort without making any flights to the UK’s busiest airport at London Heathrow, and whose only substantial presence in London is at London City Airport. With regards to UK national passengers and seat capacity, Flybe position is less clear-cut. According to OAG schedule information, Flybe offered more federal seats in the United Kingdom last year than either BA or Easyjet, with all three having between 25% and 30% of the marketplace.

According to the United Kingdom, easyJet carried the most passengers accompanied by Flybe and British Airways. Last year Flybe, which recently introduced enhanced economic outcomes for the year ended 31 March 2016, take a complete of 7.77 million passengers according to UK CAA data, which is greater than fellow UK airlines Virgin Atlantic Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines. That implies that two-thirds of Flybe passengers are travelling on national flights. Evaluation of the airline’s schedule information for this summer shows that Birmingham, Manchester, and Southampton are Flybe largest airports for weekly seat capacity. They’re also the only airport from which the airline operates to over 20 destinations nonstop.


Flybe Flight Services

Of Flybe top 20 airports this summer only 3 are outside the United Kingdom, one each in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Across the airline network of 71 airports, weekly seat capability is up around 15% this August. The airline new foundation at Doncaster Sheffield opened at the beginning of the S16 season, while Cardiff’s operations grew enormously at the start of the S15 season with substantial growth continuing into S16.

The SkyTeam alliance hubs at Amsterdam and Paris CDG also have seen substantial year-on-year growth. Amsterdam growth benefited from increased frequencies on paths from Birmingham and Manchester, as well as new paths to Dundee and Doncaster Sheffield. Paris, also, has benefitted from high frequencies on existing paths, as well as new flights from Doncaster Sheffield, London City, and Southampton, which all started towards the end of March.

Despite international routes producing only one 3rd of Flybe’s passengers in 2015, if calculated by ASKs, that takes into account sector duration, consistency and aeroplane size, seven of the airline top 15 routes this summer involving airports in mainland Europe. Of the eight UK domestic paths in the top 15, all, but one involve airports in Scotland, either Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Flights customer service number:

For booking the flights through Flybe, all you need is to visit the company’s official website and browse for your desired pick-up location and destination. In case, if you face any issues in booking your flights; you can give a call on this  Flybe customer service phone number on 0844 306 9142The Flybe customer service representatives will help you out and serve you with the best response regarding your query.

Contact Flybe Customer Service

Flybe Customer Service

Useful Tips:

    • Flybe Customer Contact Centre Telephone numbers
    • From outside UK: +44 (0)1392 683152
    • Bank holiday Mondays use Sunday opening hours
    • Air Discount Scheme: 0844 800 2855 (Mon-Fri: 0800-1800, Sat: 0800-1200, Sun: 1500-1800)
    • Call the Flybe Customer Service agents in their working hours, which are mentioned below:

08:00 to 18:30 Monday* to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday and 10:00 to 18:00 Sunday


  1. Calls made to Flybe (0800) UK numbers are free of cost and Calls made to (02) and (03) Flybe UK numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute with the addition to the charges applied by telephone service provider. In case, if you’re calling from outside the UK, international call rates will be implemented as per the local tariffs.
  2. Keep the details such as flight number, seat number, card details near to avoid any inconvenience while getting your issue resolved.

Please contact Flybe Special Assistance to request wheelchair assistance or for any other medical related inquiry*.

*Enquiries relating to anything other than this will not receive a response

You can use these above contact numbers and useful tips to get in contact with the Flybe customer service agents using the minimalistic effort.Regardless of all your queries and issues, you can get in touch with their agents through various contact numbers and several social media platforms.

Also, here are the different ways, which you can use to get in touch with them:

  1. Contact the Flybe representatives via various contact numbers.
  2. Send an Email: [email protected] to this address and join their mailing list.
  3. Visit the official website for appropriate contact details.
  4. Visit the contact us page on the official website of Flybe.
  5. Sign up for their social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Apart from these communication channels, you also have the option to send a handwritten letter to their postal address for a detailed response.

Complaints, Feedbacks and General Enquiries

Flybe Customer Service

Every customer is valuable to Flybe. Flybe constantly endeavours to delight its clients with best flight service and superlative customer care services. Let them know if you are satisfied or unsatisfied with their service by using this Flybe customer service number, 0844 306 9142.

Also, tell the customer care agents what issues you are facing, what difficulty it has caused you and how do you want them to resolve your issue. You can also use this Flybe Telephone number,  0371-700-2000 to raise a complaint, for providing feedback or for making any general inquiries.

In case, if you do not receive a satisfactory response via call; you also have the option to make the complaint via sending the letter or by social media.

Connect with Flybe via Social Media

Flybe Customer Service Numbers
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If you are not receiving a satisfactory response from the above communication channels; social media is the best way to get heard! You can use the below mentioned social media channels and get in touch with the Flybe customer service agents:


  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube

The social media channels of Flybe provide a great source of entertainment through uploading various photos, videos, and forums. Also, you can use their Facebook and Twitter channel to post or message a complaint, Feedback.

Flybe: 12 Hour Challenge in Edinburgh




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FLYBE Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Sarah Wilks Costalas

    I’ve tried to speak to someone on the phone, but to no avail. My daughter thinks that she left her mobile phone on the BE1678 flight from Malaga – Southampton on Weds 2nd Sept 2015 (11.45am). She was sitting in seat 16c.
    Please advise. Thank you

  2. Susan Cortes

    I flew on the 10th of July from Malaga,to Southampton the flight of should of taken off,
    at 12.45 we took off at nearly 2.30. We were told on the plane that the delay, was due to air crew not turning up to take the plane, from Southampton to Malaga. So we had to wait for another crew to arrive from Birmingham. The only thing we had was a free soft drink or coffee.

  3. Mags

    I recently flew with Flybe, actually Sunday just gone & I bought myself a gin & tonic
    I have just checked my online banking & have been changed £40 for it!!!!!
    I have NO receipt, how Can I prove that’s all I had?
    I’m sure, on a flight to Belfast (45 mins) Anyone would be hard pushed to spend 40!!!

    1. I need a receipt on email for my flight on the 6th of December to Inverness from Birmingham flight number be832,it’s for my work records thank you

  4. Cherie joinson

    My daughter and her friends have just been stranded in Amsterdam with no assistance due to flight cancellations for 53hrs they have had to re arrange their own flights which are not unti 9pm on the 12th December there ages are from 15/20 as a parent you can imagine what we are going through none of us have been able to get assistance from the uk and the reps at the airport in Amsterdam have been rude and unabliging to the girls who are extremely traumatised luckily for to night a perfect stranger has offered them accomadation in a hotel they were offered by another airline as they have another flight at 5am but the girls still have to wait a further 28hrs for theirs I’m disgusted with the attitude of Flybe you need to take a look at your website as it spouts ball shit you are not accomadating what so ever and my familiy will never use you again

  5. Margot McLean

    My mum can no longer fly due to her age and infirmity but I tried to get the flight changed to my husbands name but your customer service person said I couldn’t do that- can you advise please?

  6. Mohammad

    I have a flight to catch in a few hours and the flybe app/ website isn’t working. I need to download my boarding passes before my flight but cant get through as lines are closed.

  7. KH

    Customer service is non existent again every time there is a problem Flybe offer no support and leave the airport staff in the dark. Very poor

  8. mrs kay pipet

    You can never send your e-mails, server always down fly from guernsey and at the checkin desk the staff are quite abrupt, requested window seat was told rudely that seats are automatically allocated, twaddle as checkin at newcastle airport where i fly to 3 times a year always ask me window or aisle seat get a course in customer care guernsey staff if one airport can do it you can its all the same airline!!!!!

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