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HMRC Helpline:

HMRC Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9181 or call their  TelePhone number 0345-300-3900 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or the HMRC and its HMRC Helpline came into being as a result of a merger between Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue, way back in 2005. HMRC is a non-ministerial section of the government of the United Kingdom and has been assigned the task to collect taxes, administer regulation regimes which also involves the minimum national wage and it also is responsible for the payment of several types of state support. It is an important part of the UK administrative framework.

HMRC Contact Number UK

HMRC Customer Services

The HMRC department or HMRC helpline is required to do a number of tasks and services assigned by the government. It is responsible for the implementation of regulations for minimum national wage, a collection of income and corporation tax including all direct taxes, taking care in regulating money laundering regulations for Money Service Companies along with publication, collection of indirect taxes also the value added taxes, environmental taxes like climate change and the Air Passenger Duty. Capital taxes such as inheritance tax and capital gains tax, excise duties and land taxation are also handled by the HMRC. The task of protecting the borders of United Kingdom was passed onto the border agency in 2008.

HMRC or the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have the aim of improving the overall experience of their customers while also contributing positively to the business conditions in the United Kingdom. They also wanted to reach the best possible level to improve businesses to pay their right tax amount and receive their payments and credits accordingly as well. The same they want to achieve for the individuals residing in the United Kingdom.

HMRC Contact number

HMRC Contact Information and Availability

You can contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs at the number given below, the HMRC helpline is available at all times in order to cater to customers.

00 44 28 9053 8192

You can also reach the HMRC headquarters at the following address. You can reach its website to confirm the office timings or simply give them a call on the number above to solve any problem or put forward any suggestion.

HM Revenue and Customs, Customer service

100 Parliament Street,



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  1. Minakshi Walji

    Hello am working in Children Day Nursery full time on weekends I work in Muskhil Aasaan agency. Since I have started wih Mushkil Aasaan I don’t receive my Payslips I had received only I payslip but what about the rest. When I asked the agency they say we have already posted but every time they say we posted it but I never received it. I would like to know do the agency pay the tax. When I started in May 2015 the Manager said I will do housework for this old lady so I was new I did not know that if you work weekends council will not pay for the houswork on weekends so the manager send me when I got paid I did not received the payslip. I would like to know why am not receiving the payslip.

  2. Ashley allan

    I’m working at Travelodge,I was told id work 4 days part time!! But I work 5 days most weeks I also believed I would work 10 till 3 ,which is the reason I took the job ,its now ten till end .wee are meant to clean 12 rooms to get our 4 hours a day,there has been atheist 20 girls came and left in 8 months ,I’m only contacted to 10 hours a week our hotel has over 68 rooms and wee have 4 girls one supervisors ,and no cover for sick ever day wee have 20 odd departs which is 8 hours work ,my pay is never right either,could someone please please tell me what my right are ,as I I’m working so hard I have no life as I’m totally run down on my day off to even do housework or shopping ,the work can be great with enough staff but wee need something set in stone …

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