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TalkTalk  Phone Customer Service on 0870 062 6708 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0800 049 1424 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. TalkTalk is a telecommunications company from the United Kingdom that started as a fixed telephone company and later became a provider of mobile and broadband internet services. The company was formed as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. It later became an independent company in 2010. It is currently behind Virgin Media, as the top quadruple play provider. One of the biggest challenges the company has faced recently is an attack on their website in late 2015. However, the CEO of the company in a statement confirmed that only a small fraction of the customer accounts was affected.

TalkTalk Customer Services Offered

The company was originally a provider of fixed telephony services and still offers these services alongside mobile telephony and broadband. Customers can buy their services individually or have them bundled together. Customers wishing to connect to their broadband service need a dongle. There are several broadband internet packages designed for customer’s needs and different levels of consumption. The company also offers quadruple play, which is one of the key drivers of their growth. The quadruple play is where companies offer broadband internet, wireless internet connections, subscription TV and fixed wireless Telephony together. They have other services that can be enquired through the TalkTalk phone number, for example, the on-demand IPTV solutions that are currently offered under the brand name TalkTalk TV.

TalkTalk Phone Number and Support

TalkTalk phone number is 0203 441 5550 if you are calling from a mobile phone. The TalkTalk phone number to call when you are using a mobile phone is 0870 444 1820. You may use these numbers to get technical assistance from the company. Sometimes you may have a problem getting through using the TalkTalk phone number. Some of the simple issues can be solved by accessing their official websites. Answers to some of your questions may be available in the General Technology tips and tips section of their forum.

TalkTalk Service Access Tips

TalkTalk has a comprehensive account management system. One way you can make the most of your broadband is to track your usage. You may notice that there is data usage, even when you are not using it. This could mean there is a program on your computer or someone on the network using your services. Tracking data usage helps you to figure out aspects that should be controlled to reduce data consumption.

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