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British Airways Customer Service
0844 306 9139

About British Airways
British Airways Customer Service

Customers may call British Airways customer service and support contact number 0870 062 6739 for their general concerns about the services provided by the airlines. The topics include making a new booking, as well as checking upgrades, cars, hotels and flight prices. You may also search for this information on this page, including last minute deals. Apart from this, 0870 062 6739 is also the British Airways customer service contact number to call if you wish to make changes to your flight, hotel or car rental bookings, as well as if you want to make or change special meal requirements for your trip.

You can also manage your bookings online by registering an account on the site. Go to and enter the information needed. You may choose to register on the site only or register and also become an Executive Club member without a cost.

British Airways Customer Service Address

HQ Address:


West Drayton UB7 0GA,

United Kingdom

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30 am to 8 pm

About British Airways Customer Service

British Airways Customer Service

Dial this British Airways customer service telephone number in the UK, choose and pay for your seat and additional baggage and all your general inquiries about them. Selection of place may be free, or it may come with a price tag. Aside from calling customer service, you could also select your seat online and determine if it’s free or you need to pay for it. To do this go to this site and click Manage My Booking. Enter your booking reference number and your last name, and you’ll be able to choose your seat and see if it’s paid or free. You could also do the following:

Check itinerary
Request meals
Enter Advance Passenger Information
Make an ESTA application
Add frequent partner player
Email course to others
View check-in information
Print boarding pass and check flight information
View baggage information, restrictions, and allowances
Check real-time arrival and departure details
Get refunds, upgrade class and change flights
In case you made a mistake on your booking, and you wish to cancel your trip, you may do this by calling this British Airways contact number United Kingdom within 24 hours of making your reservation. However, if it has already been more than 24 hours, you may still cancel your booking but use the Manage My Booking online service. You would still receive a refund, but the amount would depend on the ticket that you purchased. Call on the official British Airways Customer Service number on 0844 306 9139.

British Airways Flights Customer Service

British Airways allow customers to check-in online and using their mobile app as early as 24 hours before their flight. Mobile App is convenient as they don’t have to rush on doing this on the flight schedule itself. However, those whose child is travelling alone or with them but on a separate flight and those who are in a group of more than nine passengers would need to check-in at the airport. Go to the registration page to check-in online. Enter your booking reference and your last name, and then click on start registration. You may also download their app so you could do your check-in online. Get it on the App Store or Google Play Store. When checking-in, your checked bag must have the following dimension max 90cm x 75cm x 43cm. For more details call the British Airways Customer Service number on 0844 306 9139.

Musical instruments and sporting equipment can also be hand carried with special arrangements. Call British Airways phone number UK in advance to know your options. Bigger bags that are up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm can also be hand carried, but for an additional cost. Bags that are larger than the last dimension must pay for separate shipping.

British Airways Bookings Customer Service

If you wish to check the status of a flight, call British Airways contact number 0344 493 0777. You can also visit the main website of the company. There are three ways on how to check this online. One is using the route. Type the three letters from and to map, select the departure date and click the search button. You may also check by flight number. Click the flight number tab on the page, enter your BA, select if it’s departing or arriving and choose the date. You may also click on the Airport tab, select departures or arrivals, and the arrival or departure local time. Download British Airlines app and check your flight status and also do more things. Dial the first British Airways Customer Service number on 0844 306 9139.

Questions and concerns about group travel can be directed to British Airways phone number 0344 493 0765. They can help book for all size of groups easier. It is a group travel if the team consists of four or more individuals in the first class, seven or more people in business or premium economy and ten or more persons for the economy.

British Airways Reward Points Customer Service

You get to the Bronze tier when you collect 300 tier points. Silver level is at 600 tier points, and Gold line is at 1500 tier points. You receive tier points when you fly with British Airways and airline partners in OneWorld. The number of level points is dependent on the type of ticket purchased and the class of fare. More points on flexible tickets, premium cabins, and longer flights. Tier points reset to zero when you reach your anniversary date of joining the club. However, they would still go to your Lifetime tier points. Collecting 35,000 tier points would put you on the Gold membership for life. The main British Airways Telephone Number for Inquiries is 0344 493 0748.

If you are an Executive Club member, you would still earn points for your personal account when you fly with your company’s On Business account. Make sure that you put in your details for your Executive Club membership when you book a flight with your business.

British Airways Customer Service Number for Disability and Mobility 0344 493 0787

Mobility and disability customers may call British Airways customer service number 0344 493 0787 for their questions and concerns about the service. Minicom users may dial British Airways customer service phone number 0845 700 7706. They do not have a direct email address, but if you wish to send them an email, you may fill up their online form, and they will reply to you via email.

Contact and Support

British Airways customer service

If you have concerns about delayed baggage, you may call British Airways helpline number 0344 493 0785. Aside from calling them, you may also check the status of your baggage:
Enter your file reference number and your last name. Make sure that the details of the system are correct. If there are any errors or something needs to be changed to your contact information, let them know immediately by dialling this British Airways telephone customer service number. They will discuss the most convenient schedule for delivery with you. The main British Airways Telephone Number for Inquiries is 0871 434 4909.

If your baggage is delayed or lost, inform the British Airways staff as soon as possible. If you failed to let them know at the airport, then call this British Airways number to let them know. Your bags would be returned to you without any cost by sending it to the address you prefer. If you need to purchase things that you need while you still don’t have your baggage, make sure to keep your receipts as they are reimbursed by making a claim at

You may also use this form to make a claim for damaged or missing content. However, note that British Airways may not be liable for the loss or damage of everything that’s in your baggage as it has limited liability. It’s not responsible for perishable, valuable, and fragile items, as well as those that are packed in unsuitable or damaged containers. Check their notice of liability and conditions of carriage to learn more about their limitations.

Complaints and General Inquiries

About British Airways

You can call the support team for any complaints and inquiries. Executive Club members or customers who have questions about it may call British Airways customer service at 0870 062 6739. It’s free to join the club, and when you do, you’ll gain points called Avios, as well as enjoy members-only rewards and benefits. Aside from calling this British Airways contact number for the UK, you may also sign up for a free membership online by going to this page. Enter your name, email address, login details, address and other information about yourself like your preferred language and departure city, date of birth and gender. You can call the British Airways Helpline number on 0870 062 6739.

There are different membership tiers on the Executive Club, and you go up as you fly more and accumulate points. These tiers are Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When you first join in, you will be automatically under the Blue line. Here are some of the benefits of each tier.


Collect Avios that you can use for flights and other services
Receive Tier points that would get you to higher levels and enjoy more benefits
Save personal preferences and details like seats and meals without added cost
Exclusive offers to members

Priority onboarding and check-in
Free selection of your seat a week before the actual departure

Free choice of place from the time of booking your flight
Enjoy open access to business lounges
Added baggage allowance

100% bonus on Avios and everything that is for Silver members
Added reward flight availability

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  1. Agyekum Ofei

    Dear One,

    It is rather unfortunate that my favorite airline has disappointed me. I flew BA 219 from Heathrow to Denver since July 30 (5.25pm)and as at August 3 I have not received my baggage with ref:DENBA47106. My holiday is almost over. What should I do? Please note that I have made serveral calls and have given up.
    I need a response from management.

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  3. You just have to dial any of their number: 0844 306 9139 in order to have discussion with our representatives about your requirements to British Airways Helpline.

  4. British Airways Helpline Contact Phone Customer Service on 0844 306 9139 or call their freephone TelePhone number 1-800-247-9297.

  5. If you are looking for British Airways Helpline Service & Support Contact Phone Numbers in UK? Dial Direct Pone Number 0844 306 9139 & Get Help in one click! 24/7.

    1. Louise

      Nobody ever answers and the option I want is never there. I want to talk to someone as I can’t find what I want on I tried every number on your website and no one answered a single one

  6. Annhorne

    I would like to express my gratitude to the check in staff at Heathrow Terminal 5 on Friday 28th April I was flying to Japan the coach was delayed on the slip road on the m4 for 3.1/2 hours he to an accident on the island below which resulted in me missing my flight I kept in touch with friend who was already at terminal 5 and she was constantly chatting with ba staff who assured her they would fly me to Japan and she should go on ahead when I eventually arrived I went to check in and my name had been flagged up and the clerk managed to get me on a flight at 3.45 into Nirita airport I cannot express how wonderful it felt to be treated in such a professional and caring manner. Thank you BA I arrived at my destination and a taxi had been arranged for via my travel company and I had a great holiday.
    Regards Ann Horne

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  8. Paul

    What a bunch of incompetent unreliable pathetic poor excuse for a airline …your just a bunch of ugly bullies …willy Walsh is a Irish Twat…I hate you with passion

  9. Lesa simpson

    I don’t get bag drop and checking in online when they won’t even open the flight to accept your bag if you arrive early at the airport and make you wait 4 hours to open it waste of time

  10. Martha Baldridge

    I have sent as requested all paper work regarding my lost luggage three weeks ago but have not had any acknowledgement from your selves please tell me you are attending to case

  11. Ghadamkhir

    Bad experience with British airways.I had 3 packages last month one of them got lost and end it up in Canada instead of USA and they can’t return the package and no answer .

  12. Mrs Jennifer Plenderleith

    To say that I am disgusted.with your new safety video is an understatement. Why do you need a group of comedians and a foul mouthed chef to talk about safety? Is safety on board your aircraft such a joke? In the event of an emergency, the passengers would turn to the cabin crew as their first line of support. So why not use various members of the cabin crews to make the video. No wonder passengers don’t bother to listen to it.

    1. Laila B

      Well it has caught your attention.. just saying.. and if you think about it, we have all become immune to watching the crew do their bit for our safety. I enjoy these novel ways of getting our attention…


    Comprei a passagem em 22 Setembro de 2016 como comprova o recibo da passagem , no final de Janeiro de 2017 eu liguei para British dizendo que não iria mais viajar e perguntando quais seriam as minhas opções, cancelamento, multa, transferência.
    Fui informada das taxas de transferência e perguntei se faria alguma vantagem de valores fazer a transferência naquele momento ou quando eu tivesse já a certeza de uma nova data, fui informada pelo atendente que não fazia nenhuma diferença e que teria até 1 ano para fazer essa troca.
    No final de Março liguei novamente solicitando a transferência para Outubro das 3 passagens e fui informada que dei no show e que não teria direito a NADA.
    Expliquei todo o ocorrido, na época dei o dia e horário das ligações e abri uma ocorrência, ficaram de resolver e de pegar as gravações, nunca deram um retorno.

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